Dr. Yakeel Quiroz Receives Inge-Grundke-Iqbal Award

July 28, 2020

Dr. Yakeel T. Quiroz received the Inge-Grundke-Iqbal Award for Alzheimer’s Research at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference underway this week! This award is presented to the senior author of the most impactful study published in Alzheimer’s research during the two calendar years preceding AAIC.

Dr. Quiroz is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Director of the MGH Familial Dementia Neuroimaging Lab, and Director of the Multicultural Alzheimer’s Prevention Program (MAPP). She received the award for her investigation into the role of APOE3 Christchurch (R136S) mutation in the resistance to autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease. Her research group recently identified a PSEN1 mutation carrier who did not develop mild cognitive impairment until three decades after the expected age of onset. Additionally, this individual was found to carry two copies of the APOE3 Christchurch mutation, and had unusually high brain amyloid levels and limited tau and neurodegenerative measurements.

Dr. Quiroz’s findings, “Resistance to autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease in an APOE3 Christchurch homozygote: a case report,” were published in Nature Medicine in 2019, and provide important insights into the role of this APOE mutation in neurodegeneration and clinical onset of Alzheimer’s disease dementia.