PACT-Methylphenidate Study

This study is focused on determining the effects of methylphenidate (also known as Ritalin) on the cognition, behavioral symptoms, and daily activities of people with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other dementias using traditional office-based assessments as well as daily brain training games and Fitbit activity tracking.

Ages:55-95, diagnosis of Mild cognitive imparement or mild-stage dementia due to AD or Alzheimer's-related disorders 

Double-Blind study for 22 weeks (12 weeks on placebo or study drug, 4-week screening window, 4 weeks lead-in baseline, and a follow-up visit 2 weeks after study completion).

Reimbursement: Parking fees reimbursed. Up to $350 provided in total for study completion.


 If you interested, please contact Libby DesRuisseaux at or 617-643-6147.