It's Your Health with Lisa Davis interviews Dr. Jonathan Jackson – Instructor in Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital

March 21, 2017

More than 5 million Americans are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Black Americans are two to three times more likely than white Americans to develop the disease, according to experts, but no one knows why.

In Boston and co-investigator for the A4 Study – speaks about the health disparities around Alzheimer’s disease for Black Americans, and some of the barriers to access new therapies, as well as the importance of participating in research to find improved treatments. He also talks about a groundbreaking clinical trial that tests whether an investigational new drug can prevent the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease in people who do not yet show any symptoms.

The A4 Study takes a new approach to Alzheimer’s research by testing for an elevated level of a protein known as “amyloid” in the brain, which scientists believe may play an important role in the eventual development of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. In addition to testing whether the drug can help slow memory loss, a critical component of the A4 Study is to determine why certain populations, including Black Americans, are more likely to develop the disease.

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