Lifespan Biobank

We are looking for individuals 18+

  • Cognitively normal volunteers, have a family history of dementia, if you have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairement, Alzheimer's disease, or a neurodegenerative disorder 
  • Able to undergo a lumbar puncture

What to expect: Each visit will last about three hours

  • Visit 1will include a medical history review, physical/neurological exam, vital sign measurements, blood draw, questionnaires', and cognitive testing. 
  • Visit 2 only requires a fast blood draw and lumbar puncture

Compensation: Up to $250 for completing the study: $50 for completing Visit 1, $100 for completing Visit 2, and $100 for completing the optional MRI portion of the study that participants may be selescted for. Parking fees and meals (Visit 2 only) at the caferteria in MGH CNY Building 149 will also be reimbursed. 

For more information, please reach out to Jesse Bailey at or 617-643-4047.