Multimodal investigation of hyperexcitability in Alzheimer’s disease

What is our study about?
We want to see how your brain’s electrical activity plays a role in Alzheimer’s Disease. We will be comparing your brain’s electrical activity (using an EEG) with images of your brain (MRI and possibly a PET scan).


Are you eligible to participate?

You may qualify if you are 50 to 90 years old and have been diagnosed with amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment or mild dementia from probable Alzheimer’s Disease.


What will you be asked to do?

Our study will be 2-3 visits over a 6-month period that will include an overnight at-home EEG, an MRI, cognitive testing, and possibly a PET scan.


Compensation:  $50 for EEG, $100 for MRI, $100 for PET, and up to $25 for cognitive testing.


If you are interested, please contact Kyle Pellerin at or 617-726-5904.