The Structured Interview & Scoring Tool - Massachusetts ADRC (SIST-M)*

March 14, 2017

A Structured Interview & Scoring Tool (SIST-M)* and an accompanying informant report questionnaire - SIST-M-Informant Report (SIST-M-IR)* - have been developed for use in structuring Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) interviews with our Center's Longitudinal Cohort research subjects with no or mild cognitive impairment, or mild dementia.


The SIST-M* and SIST-M-IR* were developed by Drs. Olivia I. Okereke, Deborah L. Blacker, Marilyn S. Albert and other colleagues. 



The SIST-M and SIST-M-IR (current versions) were developed and validated to enable trained clinicians to obtain Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) overall ratings and sum-of-boxes scores among persons with no to mild degrees of cognitive impairment, including mild dementia. The SIST-M and SIST-M-IR have not been validated for other purposes. The SIST-M and SIST-M-IR are not intended and are not appropriate for persons with moderate dementia or severe cognitive impairment. For more information about the CDR and its scoring rules, please see the CDR Homepage at


For further information regarding use and/or reproduction, contact Dr. Okereke at and Dr. Anne Ritter (Research Ventures & Licensing, Massachusetts General Hospital) at