Research Education Component (REC)

Research education has long been a priority of the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (MADRC). We build on extensive experience as investigators and educators to develop the careers of future Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s-Related Disorders (AD/ADRD) investigators, to develop inter-institutional programs to share expertise more broadly, and to help trainees learn the skills that will contribute to our overall strategic goals of understanding heterogeneity and accelerating toward a cure.

We follow the same organizing principles as the MADRC as a whole: Marshal resources for the core tasks of our component:

— A formal program to educate a cadre of trainees in cutting edge cross-disciplinary research on AD/ADRD early detection, evaluation, care, mechanism, prevention, and treatment;

— Develop new strategies to achieve progress in the field’

— Providing specialized rotations in a wide variety of methods to these trainees and the broader scientific community,

— Build the future, developing a cross-institutional program to enhance research training, and

— Participating in pipeline programs to bring young under-represented groups to work with us so we can develop the diverse workforce of the future.

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