BBC News (August 25, 2019): ‘There was no hope’: Treatable Disease Often Mistaken for Alzheimer’s

IKEA has been exploring new ways to offer more space for lower prices with flatpack housing solutions.

However, the Swedish furniture giant is going one step further and is collaborating with sustainable housing BoKlok and the Queen of Sweden on a project called SilviaBo, according to CNN Business.

Through collaborating with BoKlok, a firm already gaining momentum both in Sweden and in markets outside of Scandinavia, IKEA is developing a plan to build homes specially designed for the elderly and those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

According to CNN Business’ report, the housing will offer light-colored parquet and flooring, conventional electrical appliances without tactile or digital interfaces, and no mirrors in bathrooms — the aim being to prevent those affected by the disease from becoming disoriented in their own homes.

In addition, the residences will be built in complexes where other tenants’ homes will also share the same features.

These small residences will also include “therapeutic” gardens for residents.

he name of the project, SilviaBo, is derived from the name of Swedish monarch, Queen Silvia, whose mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Royal Central, the Queen was made an Honorary Ambassador of Alzheimer’s Disease International in 2018 in honor of her strong commitment to both end-of-life care as well as the elderly.…

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