Massachusetts General Hospital (August 17, 2019): Program Aims to Support Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Do you know how to protect your loved ones with Alzheimer if a natural disaster would strike the area?

Alzheimer’s Foundation of American (AFA) has created an emergency preparedness checklist for Alzheimer’s caregivers in the case that a storm would strike their area.

Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr., AFA’s President & CEO says “Floridians are bracing for Hurricane Dorian and taking steps to get ready, including families affected by Alzheimer’s, along with standard emergency preparedness steps, such as preparing a ‘go kit’, there are additional, unique needs that someone caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s should take into account to help them stay safe. Following a few simple steps will go a long way to help prepare for the storm.”

AFA recommends families create an emergency preparedness plan before and during a natural disaster.

How to prepare before the storm:

  • Make copies of important health, legal and insurance documentation, as well as contact information for your loved one’s doctors.
  • Have medications, a list of medications, doses, dietary restrictions, allergies and other medical information on hand. Inquire about getting additional refills in advance of the storm with your loved one’s doctor.
  • Store all documents and medications in waterproof bags. Bring them with you if you need to evacuate.
  • Make sure the person’s medical history, medication list, and physician contact information is accessible to another trusted individual.
  • Download Medicare’s Getting Medical Care and Prescription Drugs in a Disaster or Emergency Area brochure. It explains the options available to Medicare beneficiaries to get the care or services they need if they live in a declared disaster area.
  • Have some small, familiar items handy that bring comfort and reduce stress to the person living with Alzheimer’s, such as family photos, books or an iPad/iPod/portable music player with favorite songs.…

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