Thomas N. Byrne
Professor of Neurology and Health Sciences and Technology (HST), Harvard Medical School, Part-time
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(617) 726-1728
Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, and neurological implications of cancer and anti-cancer therapies.
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Dr. Byrne is a member of the Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Memory Disorders Unit, MGH Brain Tumor Center and the MGH Neuroendocrine Center

Byrne, TN (2005). Cognitive sequelae of brain tumor therapy. Curr Opin Neurol; 18: 662-666.
Batchelor TT, Byrne TN (2006). Supportive care of brain tumor patients. Hematol Oncol Clin North Am; 20:  1337-1361.
Batchelor TT and Byrne TN (2008). Neurological Complications of Primary Brain Tumors. Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice, D Schiff, S Kesari and P Wen (Eds). NY:  Springer.
Ullman, S and Byrne, TN (2008). Lymphocytic Hypophysitis and Inflammatory Disorders of the Pituitary. Contemporary Endocrinology: Diagnosis and Management of Pituitary Disorders. B Swearingen and B Biller B (Eds). Totowa, NJ, Humana Press:  337-349.
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